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IBC COMPANY, puts at your disposal the marketing service, through which we can make imports on your behalf and thus be able to facilitate your import and export operations.


Additionally and in order to make our service more efficient we have:

General Register of Importers

Textile Sector Register

Sectorial Shoe Register

One of the great advantages of using the services of a marketer is the saving of time and money, since your company does not get involved in the cumbersome customs procedure. In addition, IBC COMPANY, is able to provide the corresponding invoice, either by import service, or an invoice for the sale of merchandise, that is, IBC COMPANY invoices your company as a sale in the national market (as long as IBC COMPANY makes transfers abroad for payment of merchandise to be imported), With this mechanism, the fiscal situation of your company remains without problems.


Our goal is to always serve and work on your side, speeding up and facilitating your foreign trade operations.

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