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At IBC COMPANY we offer merchandise handling-transportation solutions, meeting the demands of our customers, providing personalized advice on the design of their supply chains, as well as on the selection of the best international transportation routes, all with the best intention to optimize costs and transit time.


IBC COMANY, plans the logistics most convenient to your needs and for this we put at your disposal the following consolidated international transportation services and complete container, sea and land air. Door - Door (door to door), Port - Door (port to door), Door - Port (door to port), Port - Port (port to port).


  • Sea freight

  • Land Freight

  • Air freight

  • Customs clearance


Our company within the field of International Logistics is aware of the demands of this market, security, good cargo handling, efficiency, compliance with delivery times, knowledge of the best commercial routes, monitoring and tracking of cargo until the moment of Delivery.

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